What is the English ability in half a year as a student?

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The content I will tell you this time is whether I will acquire my English ability in half a year.
If you would like from the conclusion, it attaches to the body .


I have only gone three to learn English myself.

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1. Define the goal clearly
2. Touch English anyway
3. Stop other monomers


These three things I have been able to feel a tremendous change in my English ability against myself for half a year.

This time is my first blog for my life. Please enjoy until the end.


First, let I’m going to introduce myself a little,
I am 22 years old who graduated from college this April.

Currently, I am studying in the USA and have been about 6 months old.
Comparing the current English proficiency before studying abroad,

· Language school class level (6 levels)
Study abroad level 2 (beginner) → current level 6 (advanced)
· Speaking as
it speaks a word in a halfword before studying abroad →  he can give a speech if it is about 3 minutes now

· TOIEC 270 points before going to school → Current TOIEC 630 points

I am able to raise surprised results even now. The point of TOIEC is a bit sour and sour, but … (laugh) Anyway, I am confident that I can speak English at the moment.

However, this result can not happen if somehow spending. Just going to study abroad will not make you able to speak English. I will say it again. Absolutely impossible.

However, by using a little trick, studying abroad can produce results even in half a year. Then, I will introduce three more strategies that I continued for a half year.


1, make a clear goal

It’s tiring to tackle the invisible goal. Unfortunately, there is no goal for language learning. It is impossible to complete perfectly how much I studied.
For example, is your Japanese speaking perfect?
Is it natural because it is native?

· · · No, I think that I do not exist as a person masterfully mastering Japanese and perfectly mastering it.

Can I always use correct honorifics without making mistakes? Do you use correct grammar when talking to good people? Can Kanji 2,136 kanji all appropriately be used?

In addition, everyone will be able to speak well with time and when speaking partner. In other words, even native speakers do not know if they can talk well.

Of course, we can compare that I can not speak at all and can talk to a certain extent. However, “speaking perfectly” or “just wanting to speak vaguely” is somewhat unclear.


Therefore it is necessary to clarify oneself how much English skills are needed and why English is necessary.
In my case, taking TOIEC 900 points in a year and getting a job at a foreign-affiliated company is the purpose of learning English and is the goal.

To say “I want to be able to speak English” is not a goal. It is unclear and frustrates on the way.


2, Touch English & input anyway

Do you know that Japanese people need more than 3,000 hours to master English? Moreover, I need to create this time myself.


Those who were probably going to study abroad thought that if you go to study abroad it would be nice to touch English one day, but that is not the case.

Unexpectedly, I can live without using English. After school we would like to play with Japanese friends who made it locally, I make excuses and do not study something.

In this way, the time to use English is only when you are in school.


I attend a language school, but the class time of the day is five times a week three hours a week. Converting to a month, 60 hours. It’s only about 720 hours a year. Homework is given every day, but only things that getaway in a moment. I can not count on study time.

· · · It is not possible to reach 3,000 hours even if it takes 3 years.

In my case, I go to two language schools five times a week. 8: 30-11: 30 in the
morning, 13: 00-17: 00 in the afternoon Only students can study in the 7 hours a day. Together with self-study in the morning and night, studying time is secured for 12 to 13 hours a day. (In the morning it’s roughly between 6 o’clock and 7 o’clock)

By the way, on Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays, we go to the beach by bicycle, cook, make it leisurely, and so busy days have passed so much study is not done. (Just an excuse ..)

And the total study time in half a year is 1236 hours. Although it has not reached 3,000 hours yet, it has achieved tremendous growth, as we presented first as compared with the beginning of the study abroad.


It is not so much if I studied using a textbook every 1236 hours.

I also write lyrics cards for Western music, and watching TV and YouTube in English is counted in study time. Also, I can talk to foreigners’ roommates in English and study slang and proverbs that I care about, anyway, to have time to touch English.


Some people may have thought “You better go out and go talk more and more than studying so much?” Actually I was advised by a lot of people (Brazilians, especially cheerful roommates).


However, I can not understand words that I can not understand without studying . I do not know what I do not know and how many times I do not understand it.

For example, I do not know Arabic at all.

Do you think that from that state you will go to Saudi Arabia and talk to Arabic alone, will you understand? It’s a bit tough, is not it? Hello in Arabic is like this. ↓

(السلام عليكم). . . (゜ Д ゜) hu?

However, I do not know commonly with words that I do not know, Arabic or English.



3, keep up with the strangers of others

Doing this thing gives me confidence and a trick in my own speaking. School teachers and classmates, neighbors and roommates have different habits when speaking English.


During the conversation, people who sway their arms, people who add strange words to their endings, people who open their eyes before difficult pronunciation (th or R). I saw quite a wide variety of habits and managed them.

As for how this influenced the speaking ability, it influenced making my own rhythm. In other words, by proceeding with my own pace, I did not panic and the words I knew came out more smoothly from my mouth.


Try carving the rhythm with your arms, take a break with one word meaningless, difficult pronunciation to make a slightly strange face to pronounce on the whole face, etc etc. In addition to vocabulary and grammatical skills, English conversation has some tricks of English conversation. It is very effective for improving your English ability to look at it and manage it.

· Summary If
you summarize the above, it is possible to acquire English ability by studying abroad for half a year.
As the three methods,

1, Set clear
goals Let ‘s set goals and goals to acquire English yourself.
It is not a goal if you want to be able to speak vaguely.

2, It
takes a huge amount of time for a Japanese who touches English to acquire English anyway. Let ‘s do without excuses.

Please observe how other people are talking besides word strength and grammatical skill that keeps strangers of others. It will be a hint to improve your English proficiency.

Thank you for taking a look through to the end. I would be pleased if it could provide information to everyone.

Well then. See you soon.



~ Remarks English ~

“Time waits for no one.”


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